Friday, 4 August 2017

A Mother's Dream : Team Davies visit Speke Hall...

A Mother's Dream:  Team Davies visit Speke Hall.

We used to be Chester Zoo members.  We loved it.  We had begun our membership there when our eldest turned 1 and as our family grew we watched the already impressive zoo go through big changes and show brilliant exhibitions.  We'd spend days at the zoo in the summer and go for short trips on Sunday afternoons in the winter.  We were lucky to be able to do this and that the zoo was only a 25 minute drive away.  But in the last 12 months our kids have begun to enjoy time there less and less.  Not that it still isn't a wonderful place, but they knew it like the backs of their hands, we all did.  And the time had come where they would ask to go to different places and try different days out.  We needed an alternative.

So in April this year we decided to cancel the renewal of our zoo membership.  I felt sad about it, and I hope that someday, maybe in a couple of years we'll pick it back up again.   While we were making the decision about our cancelation we knew we wanted to find something that was just as cost effective for our family of 5 as our zoo membership had been.  Enter the National Trust.

Last summer we'd visited a couple of places within the National Trust, Formby beaches being one of them.  We'd learn that on that day where we'd paid £5 to park in the NT carpark for the area that we could have been monthly paid up family members for under £10 a month and the car parking would have been included.  Amazing value.  So as soon as we left Chester Zoo behind we walked into a family NT membership.  And we haven't looked back as of yet.  We've visited Formby beach (again), Chirk Castle (great place), and a few weeks ago Speke Hall.  What a wonderful day it was!  We couldn't believe how much time we spent there.  We actually could've stayed a lot longer than we did.  

Our day was filled with outdoor play areas, walks in the woods, admiring the main gardens, picnicking on the lawn, exploring the house, learning about the history of the Hall, discovering the secret garden and much more...

Not a lot more to say now other than to hand you over to the photos that accompany this post.  We had a great day and we're thoroughly looking forward to many more within our National Trust membership.

Thanks for reading peeps.

x Fleur x 

PS - the NT haven't paid me or anything for this post.  Just think their membership is pretty great!

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